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Excerpts from The Relational Change Gathering 2022: Working at the Edge of Supervision.

At the 2022 Gathering, led by Dr. Lynda Osborne, we inquired into a range of issues including "How can we find support when faced with risk and uncertainty?", "What are our strengths either as supervisees or supervisors?" and "What are our blind spots and growing edges?" Here is a slide show summarising the key issues and a section of Dr. Lynda Osborne's presentation addressing the issue of "good fit in supervision".

To view these YouTube videos, or to download the slides, please go to our Resources Page.

RC Gathering 2022: Working at the Edge of Supervision

ROG 2023-2024 Dates and Costs

Relational Organisational Gestalt Certificate/Diploma Course

ROG Phase One 2023-2024 Dates and Training Costs

Six, two day modules starting 19th and 20th October 2023, and running through to June 2024, ONLINE and Oxford UK. Diploma option available.

Book your place on our highly popular ROG Phase One course for 2023-2024 whose dates have now been finalised. The modules will be led by Marie-Anne Chidiac and Sally Denham-Vaughan and held online and in Oxford, UK. For further information please go to the ROG Training Courses page or download the ROG Phase One 2023-2024 Dates and Tuition Costs flyer.

ROG Open Event 2023: Presence and Power

Three Day ROG Open Event 2023: Presence and Power

Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th March 2023, Oxford, UK.
Led by Sally Denham-Vaughan and Marie-Anne Chidiac

Everyone is welcome to our 2023 ROG (Relational Organisational Gestalt) Open Event, where we will be examining the relationship between presence and power, both from a theoretical perspective and as an in-depth personal exploration and experiential practice.

For more information, or to attend Presence and Power, please go to our Training and Events Page and download the ROG Open Event flyer or email Marie-Anne Chidiac to book your place.

The Marianne Fry Lecture 2022: Dr. Marie-Anne Chidiac on Fields of Power is now on Audio

The 2022 Marianne Fry Lecture, Fields of Power, given by our own Dr Marie-Anne Chidiac, on 24th September, is now available to hear.

In this talk Marie-Anne puts forward an understanding of power she has explored in her writing: namely, its impact and how it manifests, not just as coercive but as a fundamental structuring aspect of the field. From Brexit to the war in Ukraine, events in the last few years point to people feeling marginalised. The feeling of powerlessness and issues of privilege and power seem frequently confusing, being either over-emphasised or totally ignored.

To listen to the lecture: Fields of Power", please go to our Resources Page or listen on the Marianne Fry 2022 Lecture Website

Marianne Fry Lecture 2022: Marie-Anne Chidiac on Fields of Power
This Months Newsletter

Relational Change Newsletter

Annual Gathering: Working on the Edge of Supervision

In our Autumn newsletter, we talk about the thinking behind our Community Gathering which took place on December 8th - Working on the Edge of Supervision. Whether a supervisor or supervisee, we all face the risk of exposing our vulnerability or uncertainty. You may be a Coach or Consultant, a Clinician, Leader or Manager, yet the feelings, fragilities and frailties experienced during supervision are very much the same. This years Gathering provided an opportunity to look at what it means to be working on the edge in supervision.

To read this months newsletter, or to see previous newsletters, please go to our Links page.

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We help individuals, couples, families, teams, organisations and communities find improved outcomes through better relationships.

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Relational Change promotes a relational approach in all walks of life. Together with our associates and affiliated centres in the UK and Europe, we aim to deliver value to people, groups and communities in the areas of Organisational Development, Community Building, Coaching and Psychotherapy.

We are an Organisational Member of INTAGIO and work closely with a number of partners across the world to develop the relational movement.

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