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Relational Organisational Gestalt (ROG) Programme

A Certificate/Diploma programme leading to a European Accreditation as GPO (Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations).

What is ROG?

Relational Organisational Gestalt (ROG) is a holistic and practical approach to facilitating organisational and individual change. It is informed by Gestalt psychotherapy, and the latest thinking in systems theory and complexity, as well as by other complementary theoretical concepts. The programme is structured around our SOS (SELF, OTHER, SITUATION) framework which holds at its centre the importance of developing and nurturing ethical presence. For more information on the ROG programme, please download our Learning Outcomes flyer and watch our ROG videos on the Resources Page.

Self-Other-Situation ROG

Who is it for?

The ROG programme of workshops we offer provides skill enhancing training for coaches, consultants, leaders/managers, OD or HR professionals, facilitators and change agents working in any field. This training is also ideal for therapists and counsellors aiming to move into coaching or organisational work.

The Structure

Phase One: ROG Certificate/Diploma Programme

The Certificate/Diploma programme comprises six 2 day workshops, which focus on developing awareness and skills in three interrelated areas: self, other, and situation. Together, they offer powerful frameworks to understand, lead and facilitate change in challenging times. The six modules are:

  • FOUNDATION module
  • SELF module
  • OTHER module
  • PROCESS module
  • SITUATION module
  • ADVANCED module

Completion of all six modules can lead to a certificate/diploma being awarded. Each module does stand alone and depending on participants can be taken independently. However, it is recommended that participants attend the ROG Foundation workshop before any of the others. This provides an introduction to the theory and practice of Relational Gestalt as applied to organisations, and is an excellent taster for those considering the full course.

Phase Two: Peer learning and Applications Group (PAG) - leading to EAGT GPO Accreditation

This advanced PAG training is a consolidation of learning gained in phase one of the training through peer support and a focus on more in-depth application in organisations. This phase will support people to prepare their portfolio/dossier of evidence and reflection as required for submission when applying for the award of GPO; (Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations - awarded by European Association for Gestalt Therapy - EAGT).

Phase two comprises 7 days with an optional GPO accreditation day for those wishing to proceed for this award.

Newsletter Features

For further information, please see the following Relational Change newsletters articles on the ROG programme:

YouTube Resources

The "ROG Out In The Wild" Series

We are delighted to bring you nine illustrations of how the ROG approach has made a difference to individuals and organisations. These articles, vlogs and personal reflections come from a diverse mix of practitioners, some of whom are experienced leaders but new to ROG, while some are seasoned OD professionals. What the contributions all point to however, is the potency and importance of a relational and emergent approach in organisational work.


  1. Justin Denholm:The SOS model and tuberculosis programmatic change in the COVID pandemic.

  2. Jessica Löwenhielm and Niklas Lindhardt:Applying Relational Organisational Gestalt using a 5D Appreciative Inquiry process for team and organisational development.

  3. Maggie Marriott:The relief of the ecological turn.

  4. Cathie O’Brien:How do I use ROG in educational settings/children’s services?

  5. Lazaro Wolf:ROG and the change in my Self.

  6. Steven Goldstein:How a ROG approach helps me, my coaching and my clients.

  7. Eva Deligiannis:The Wave model and the Victorian Judicial System.

  8. James Woodeson:How ROG has impacted my work.

  9. Toni Clarkson:ROG – a homecoming.


Please download the following flyers for costs and dates of upcoming and ongoing workshops and programmes:

Upcoming 2022-2023 Course Dates, Times and Costs

Email or for booking.




Marie-Anne is an experienced change management consultant, coach, psychotherapist and supervisor. She has a background in consulting having worked with board level executives and lead major change management programmes both in the UK and Europe. She was also Deputy Head of a Gestalt psychotherapy training where she developed and taught diploma and MSc level courses. Marie-Anne holds a D. Psych in Public Works with a focus on the synthesis of Gestalt psychotherapy and Organisational Development.



Sally works as an Organisational Consultant, Accredited Coach/Coach Supervisor, Trainer and Facilitator with Public, Private, Academic and not-for-profit organisations in the UK and Internationally. She has a background in Clinical Psychology and Gestalt Psychotherapy with over 25 years’ experience in senior leadership positions in the NHS in the UK. She is an Associate with the Taos Institute and is chair of the committee for Gestalt Practitioners in Organisations, (GPO), within the European Association for Gestalt Therapy. Sally's work is grounded in a passion for ecology and co-emergence which she supports by regular long walks with her dog.



Nicky has an extensive and international background working in the private, public and third sectors and with family businesses. Nicky works with individuals and teams to facilitate improved relationships and results and to develop potential.  Along with a successful corporate career in organisation and talent development, strategy and marketing in well-known global technology and financial services companies, Nicky trained as a yoga teacher and as a gestalt psychotherapist.  As an organisation consultant and coach, Nicky integrates these perspectives along with action enquiry and action learning to work relationally with people across organisations.

David Lines


David began his development as an organisational consultant and facilitator in the National Health Service in the UK and continued his professional development at Surrey University where he completed the F-Style programme a two-year experiential process based on the work of John Heron. He has since practiced as a gestalt group facilitator and has provided Master Classes for facilitators to improve their practice in the UK, Central and Eastern Europe and in the Civil Service College in Singapore, where he developed communities of practice for leadership facilitators. David has a PhD from the University of Surrey where he carried out original research into executive career pathways. He is Principal Consultant of David Lines and Associates a process consultancy specialising in executive coaching, gestalt, group dynamics and practitioner development.

Relational Change provides us all with a place to continue to develop ourselves as gestalt practitioners.

Frans Meulmeester

FRANS MEULMEESTER Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations, EAGT.

Since 1973 Frans has worked as a teacher, trainer and consultant; first in education and later in Healthcare and care for the elderly. In 1989 he started his own centre for training, consultancy and therapy, called Invitation and from this time he also worked as a psychotherapist. He frequently works internationally in Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria and more recently in Nepal. Frans is a full member of the European Association for Gestalt therapy (EAGT) and the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) and registered as a Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations in the EAGT.

If people ask me, what my topics are as a trainer or consultant, my answer is: all my activities are focused on the relational aspects of organizations. And that is why I am interested in Relational Change.


Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge


Dr L.Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge is an academic-educator-practitioner. She specialises in OD; working with complex system change programmes and building Diversity and Inclusion culture. Mee-Yan is a Visiting Fellow of Roffey Park Institute, a Senior Fellow of the Singapore Civil Service College, the Dean of the UK NTL OD certificate programme in Europe and a faculty member of the Duke University Global Executive Leadership Programme. She is on the editorial board of the OD Practitioner Journal. In October 2013, Mee-Yan received the Life Time Achievement Award from ODN in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the field of OD globally. In 2013 and 2014, she was rated as one of the top 10 most influential thinkers in HR by the UK HR magazine. Mee-Yan is relational centric in all her work and believes that collaboration and community building, (in and out of the work place), are high value work that all OD practitioners are called to take on with passion.

Kate Glenholmes

KATE GLENHOLMES BSc.(Hons), RMN, Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations, EAGT.

Kate Glenholmes has over 25 year experience in healthcare settings, both operationally and strategically, having worked in variety of roles as a senior leader in the NHS. She started her gestalt career over 30 years ago and has trained in psychotherapy, coaching and organisational consulting. Kate currently works independently offering a range of OD/coaching services and has a particular interest in bringing a relational OD approach to complex and challenging systems.

Dian Marie Hosking


Dian Marie is Professor in Relational Processes in the Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht University and a leading researcher-writer in the area of relational thinking and practice, specifically applied to leadership, organising, and change work as a relational process. In this context, she regularly runs workshops in many different countries. The Turku School of Economics awarded her an honorary Doctor of Science (DSc Econ) for her work on leadership and organisational theory. Her current interests focus on relations between relational constructionism, Buddhism, and the management and organisation of end-of-life care.



Joe is Chair of the Cape Cod Training Program and serves on the Board of Gestalt International Study Center. He is a couples and family therapist, an organizational consultant, and teaches worldwide. The founding editor of Gestalt Review, he has published extensively and recently co-edited (with Edwin Nevis) Mending the World: Social Healing Interventions by Gestalt Practitioners Worldwide and is currently completing a book on the Cape Cod Model with Sonia March Nevis.

What Others Say...

Two years of ROG training has taken me from zero Gestalt knowledge to British Gestalt Journal Student Essay Prize winner 2015 - that was unexpected! I've also found a humane and sustainable approach to individual, team and organisational transformation and a great tribe to be part of. Attending a ROG training course is an exceptional experience that anyone with an interest in individual, team or organisational change should grab with both hands.

Maggie Marriott
Independent organisational change consultant, coach and trainer.

This programme really grappled with the sometimes slippery concept of Presence and its importance in coaching and supervision. As a former public sector coach and leadership lead, now providing supervision to coaches in the public sector, I really value the insights shared, based on a robust academic and theoretical foundation. I am eagerly awaiting the next modules.

Rosalind Maxwell-Harrison
Executive and Leadership Coach and Coach Supervisor

A really helpful integration of experiencing Gestalt facilitation and coaching, with insight about what a Gestalt philosophy is, and the implications that has for what I do and how I do it.

Caroline Sharley
Independent Change Specialist

A very open and honest workshop, well managed and supported by the facilitators to take us deep inside to find ourselves. Excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

Susi Titchener
CotswoldConnections Ltd

I was looking for a course which could deepen my knowledge and understanding of Gestalt and how it could help enhance my coaching practice. It was important to me that the course was predominantly practical rather than theoretical. Not only was the course exactly what I was looking for, it was also so much more. The depth of knowledge, the quality of the discussions and practice, and the knowhow of Marie-Anne and Sally was exceptional. In addition the time spent in the company of like-minded participants was also extremely valuable. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning more about Gestalt, or just in developing their coaching practice, to give serious consideration to participating in a ROG course.

Steven Goldstein
Trader Performance Coach & Executive Coach

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